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July 9, 2013 by Ellen V

We’ve been growing a few plants from seed this year, and we’ve already had a lot of successes and failures. Two tomato plants are in the success column, though, and they are growing.

We were gone for just over three last weekend, and I swear they grew a foot. Yesterday, there wasn’t a blossom to be seen, so I’ve been nervous that we wouldn’t actually have fruits from these guys’ labors. But this morning, upon careful inspection, I found blossoms on both plants. We’re not counting chickens yet, just continuing to hope for good things!

Jane’s pajama story time last night had a gardening theme, which I love. I hope that I can raise a family who values food and non-edibles we grew ourselves, from seed or bulb or seedling or cutting. I am glad the neighbors gave Jane a hand me down watering can, even if she mostly waters her feet or the driveway. I’m so grateful I have a husband willing to continue to make gardening mistakes with me so that we can learn enough to plant a real garden if and when we’re able. I figure the dozen pea pods and two handfuls of basil leaves we’ve picked and eaten from our garden so far are at least a start to this summer’s harvest!


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