July 16, 2013 by Ellen V

I blame two things for my compulsion to (at least attempt to) DIY. Their names are Mama and Papa K.

I had the privilege of growing up in a big, old house in constant need of some repair or other. It also had a ton of character. The combination, plus some know-how and some desire to learn on my parents’ part, kept the Sheetrock dust flying. My brother, sisters, and I all have memories of “helping” with projects, big and small, and my parents were always pretty good at making us feel like we were actually useful.

In my own house, I don’t have nearly the tenacity or gumption that my parents do. I hesitate more and rely on Eric and professionals a lot more than they ever did. Still, I’d like to think my DNA picked up at least a little of their love and skill for home improvement. If not, maybe I can hope that it skips a generation and Jane will pick a little of it up.

Needless to say, I’m happy to reap the rewards of my parent’s efforts whenever I can. Last weekend, they brought us the completed kitchen they put together for Jane. Papa K did the bulk of the work. Every. single. piece. was recycled from a previous space or project. Mama K took on an advisory role and made a few stellar changes, plus dug up the dish towels and made the curtains under the sink as well as managed to find and clean up some food and dish toys from my childhood. Eric and I (mostly Eric) did get to help a bit by doing the painting when we were visiting southern Minnesota a few weeks ago. The paint was the only thing purchased for the project.

We’re grateful for the effort my parents put into this awesome piece for Jane. We hope it’s used and loved for a long time!

the living room might not be the kitchen's permanent home, but it looks pretty good for the mean time!

the living room might not be the kitchen’s permanent home, but it looks pretty good for the mean time!

P.S. Check out an earlier version of Jane’s kitchen here.


One thought on “genetics

  1. LK says:

    LOVE! Thanks for the inspiration, Ellen! I wish you would have had something like this when you were younger.

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