we use cloth diapers (part 3/6)


August 4, 2013 by Ellen V

Welcome to Part 3 of a series of posts on cloth diapering. Interested? Read Parts 1 and 2.

GroVia Review

After lots of research–way more than the first time around–we decided to stick with the same  categories of cloth diapers we were interested in when we first got started with this business. This time we wised up, though, and wanted to invest in a few samples of several types we thought looked good. We were mostly interested in all-in-ones (AIOs) or pocket diapers.

One of our choices was GroVia AIOs. I saw great reviews for them and they seemed to have some of the options we were looking for. Specifically, the aspects that attracted us were:

  1. Options for absorbency, with one attached liner and one snap-in liner for additional soaking-up power, plus the ability to get extra-absorbent soaker pads for a heavy wetter.
  2. Very little bulk, much like our gDiapers.
  3. A really slick-looking and -feeling, athletic-gear-like material on the outer part of the diaper that seemed so super comfy for Jane and ultra durable.
  4. The AIOs give us the option to own a variety of brands rather than put all our eggs in one basket.

While we liked these okay, they didn’t pass the “investment test” for us, and the two we bought initially is probably all we’ll buy. In fact, we may have liked these the least of all four brands we have tried, and certainly the least of the three new brands we were looking at. Here were our complaints:

  1. They are small with a low rise and a tight fit on my quickly growing toddler. I can’t imagine they would fit her past another pound or two (I’m guessing she’s about 26-27 pounds right now). At only 19 months, we’ve got a little while of diaper-wearing in us, even thinking positively.
  2. They are the spendiest of the AIOs and pocket diapers we were considering, running suggested retail of $24.95 each.
  3. They stained very easily. While I expect a little staining now that Jane drinks cows milk and a wide variety of solid food, I would expect the stains to wash out some, but even sunning hasn’t helped much.
  4. Speaking of laundry, these take ages to dry. We don’t have a lot of outdoor drying options, so having to run them through the dryer a second time is a pain and a half.

Though I have a few complaints, we have liked them okay and used them several times. Because they run so small on Jane, I will most likely put them in storage very soon, but we will hang on to the two we have for a future baby (either in our family or another family) or for friends who would like to see their options. We’re not exactly happy with the money we spent on the GroVias, but it was a good learning experience to find out what we don’t like and why!



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