we use cloth diapers (part 4/6)


August 5, 2013 by Ellen V

Welcome to Part 4 of a series of posts on cloth diapering. Sound interesting? Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

After our mediocre experience of gDiapers, we bought three different types of cloth diapers to try. One, the GroVia AIOs I reviewed in Part 3 of this series. Another type we tried was Rumperooz. These are the only pocket diapers we’ve ever tried. They have phenomenal reviews everywhere, and, I have to admit, I’m totally smitten with them. We ended up going another way in the end, but I would purchase or recommend these in a heartbeat. Why do I love them so much?

  1. They have a “heavy wetter” option and then some. The way these diapers work is that a stuffer (or two!) is stuffed inside the outer diaper, which is also lined and absorbent. The whole diaper needs to be changed each time, but the diaper and stuffer (or liner) can be made from two different materials. In the case of Rumperooz, the diaper comes with a large liner as well as a small liner. The liners can be used separately (the smaller for a newborn, the larger for a toddler) or together for even more protection (for overnights or heavy wetters). If we get up the nerve to cloth diaper overnight at some point, I think these will have the best chance at getting us through 11-12 blissful hours.
  2. The material is incredibly soft. The outside of the cover is that great, soft, athletic material, and the inside is just luxuriously soft and fuzzy. And it is somehow wicking, as I’m always shocked at how soaked the liner is while the diaper itself hardly seems damp.
  3. They come in some really, really cute colors and patterns.
  4. They are mildly better priced than the GroVia diapers at $23.95 a piece, full price.

Why did we ultimately go another way? The diapers we ended up choosing are all-in-ones (AIOs), so we think they’ll be just a littler easier given the strong possibility that Jane (or a future child) may be in a day care at some point. That’s really the only reason. We will probably be open to buying more of these in the future if they end up working well overnight. And we’re continuing to use the two we have on a regular basis. Stay tuned to Part 5 to learn more about the diapers we chose to invest in!



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