we use cloth diapers (part 5/6)

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August 6, 2013 by Ellen V

Welcome to Part 5 of a series of posts on cloth diapering. Interested? Read Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4!

bumGenius Freetime Review

At the end of this journey of sampling and reviewing several brands of cloth diapers, we chose to invest in bumGenius Freetime all-in-one (AIO) diapers. After over two months of use, I really can’t think of one thing to complain about. These diapers are effective, easy, and inexpensive (at least compared to the other diapers we tried.) We are happy with almost every part of our experience with them, and we’d be happy to try other bumGenius products after this excellent experience. I would have no trouble recommending them. Some of our favorite parts?

  1. All the pieces are attached. These diapers are quite literally wash, dry, and wear.
  2. With two layers of absorbent padding plus an absorbent “shell,” we have had very, very few leaks.
  3. The cloth layers are only attached at their ends, making them easy to dry. Since we don’t have great access to outdoor drying, even in the summer, being able to dry them in one dryer load is clutch for our energy bill.
  4. At just $19.95 a piece (and that’s full price), they have been by far the cheapest option we’ve found that consistently got good reviews and we like.
  5. Our college-age summer nanny even thinks they are easy! There is no “training” involved for caregivers or babysitters.

I guess the one and only thing about either these or the previously reviewed Rumperooz that I might change is that they add quite a bit of bottom bulk in pants and shorts. My 19-month-old already can wear a 3T, so adding bulk in any area is taxing on our toddler clothing situation. It’s worth it, though. We’ve been incredibly happy, and we hear similar good thing about the bumGenius pocket line of diapers, called 4.0, so we’d be open to trying those, too, and some point.

Clearly, the diapers we have tried (gDiapers, GroVia AIO, Rumperooz, and bumGenius Freetime) don’t even scratch the surface of all the options out there. There are less expensive versions, more environmentally friendly options, and more. But when we narrowed down 1) our preferences and 2) the reviews, these were the diapers that rose to the top of the heap. All of them were good, all had costs and benefits. At this point, the bumGenius Freetimes are giving us the most bang for our buck.

Check the blog tomorrow for the final part of the series, which will include notes on a few cloth diapering “extras” and a little additional encouragement to look into cloth diapering, just in case you weren’t already convinced.


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