summer wind down

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August 19, 2013 by Ellen V

We have been out of town 7 of the past 10 weekends. I just counted. I. am. tired. But we have had so much fun with family this summer, I can’t be anything but thankful.

The week ahead includes some serious catch up, though, as I have at least two week nights at home and we’re actually home for the weekend.

  1. Our yard looks great. Eric deserves major props for taking on the watering and mowing, as he usually does, as well as cleaning up all our bushes and hedges. Things are really looking clean, and I’m actually proud to drive by! However, there’s some backyard neglect going on, and I take full responsibility. I know spending a few hours cleaning up in the back will go a long way toward the major clean up that will happen in the fall.
  2. Our CSA produce will really start rolling in during the next few weeks, but I have lots of spring/early summer veggies and fruits taking up space in the freezer. If we want to make the most of what we will get during peak harvest, I need to use up what we have. I am hoping to make good use of cranberries (still hanging out in our freezer from late fall, ugh!), rhubarb, and zucchini, at the very least.
  3. Finally, there is lots of indoor neglect happening, too. When we’re gone two or three days of most weeks in the summer, I am just trying to stay on top of the cleaning essentials (vacuum, bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry). What I really need to get cracking on before the hub-bub of the academic year is a deeper clean of the areas suffering from lack of attention. Kitchen spaces (cupboards and refrigerator), closets and storage areas, and the basement are at the top of my list.

Realistically, I’m hoping to get even just a few of those things knocked out this week and coming weekend, in addition to spending some time enjoying a very August-weather week of sunshine and heat. I hope your week is productive and fun, too!

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