fried green tomatoes and other august things

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August 26, 2013 by Ellen V

The weekend flew by! Highlights included a visit from Baby Viv (and her awesome mama, good friend Katie), a long-anticipated trip to the farmers market for eggs, meat, and grains that we don’t get in our produce box, Jane’s first race (25 meters of fun!), lots of yard work, and making every effort not to turn on the oven as summer gives us one final hurrah of a heat wave.

Along with our beef and cornbread mix, we picked up several green tomatoes at the farmers market so Eric could make sure not another summer passed without my having tried fried green tomatoes. Delicious! We also took in a few other culinary delights, my favorite being these roasted zucchini enchiladas. A really, really good use of zucchini, my friends.

Eric begins teaching again today, and it’s his parents’ last day to watch Jane for the summer. It may be 90 degrees outside, but I see autumn coming at us like a freight train. I’m looking forward to the regularity of September, a few more weekends like this one, and the flavors and fun of fall.

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