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August 28, 2013 by Ellen V

Of course, during the 90+ degree heat wave in our area for the last few days, our refrigerator breaks. Typical at the V House! And on CSA day, no less. But the blessings?

  • The couple we share our CSA with was able to get their half from us right away, even though we weren’t quite sure what was going on or whether the refrigerator was really broken.
  • We have an ancient (maybe 1960’s era? 1950’s?) fridge in our basement that using just holds a few bottles of beer or some yeast or whatever for Eric’s home brews, but it was quite empty and already turned on and could hold most of the valuable and most-needed food items.
  • A repair man was able to come right away this morning and quickly diagnose the problem, which is fixable and we won’t need a new refrigerator!
  • Our freezer and refrigerator are empty and totally ready for a good scrub down!

The bad news, of course, is that the part we’ll need to fix the refrigerator may not be in until next week with the holiday weekend coming up, so we may have to punt for several days. It’ll be a good excuse to eat up our food and start from scratch!

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