for a future time

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September 6, 2013 by Ellen V

I’m looking at our little house this afternoon, oh so sad about it’s utter state of disarray, but lacking motivation to get started. Where to start? A summer of travel left us little time to do anything but the bare necessities, the surface cleaning. But there are piles everywhere (Eric and Mama K would both love to tell you about my piles, I’m sure), everything needs a deep clean, everything needs an overhaul. Every closet needs to be cleaned out. Every door and cupboard and cabinet needs to be wiped down. Furniture needs to be moved and vacuumed under. Shelves need to be cleared off and dusted and rearranged. So really, where to start?

I’m hoping maybe, maybe to do one closet while Jane sleeps this afternoon. Or one kitchen cupboard. Or maybe it’ll wait until tonight while she’s tucked in and Eric’s at a friend’s 30th.

Or maybe not.

But I did make one decision today, and I even started: I decided it’s okay to keep a box, maybe even a couple boxes, for a future time. Maybe a future time in this house when we don’t have toddlers running amuck, maybe a time in another house where we’ll have room or space to store them, or maybe the box will just sit forever and be discovered much after we have any use for it’s contents. But instead of selling or giving away, it’s time to just set aside a few things. Just for now, for a future time.

I’m trying to be okay with it.


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