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September 12, 2013 by Ellen V

Well, it’s not freezing, but it’s much cooler outside, and inside we’re freezing all sorts of things, now that we have a working refrigerator again! We paid a few extra dollars this week to get a three pound box of basil and worked hard off and on all day yesterday to whip up lots and lots of pesto. Since Jane loves pesto, and since we do, too, I’m hoping the dozen or so baggies in my freezer will get us through most of the winter until the greenhouse herbs come out again in spring.

We also threw together salsa with a smattering of the neighbor’s jalapenos, some leftover onions, and tomatoes from our own pots, our CSA, and from a friendly gardener at church who drops produce off for the enjoyment of the employees. I froze that in three batches, too, for chicken slow-cooked in salsa or to eat with chips when we need a taste of summer later into fall.

It’s harvest season, and I’m thankful to have a working (and cleaned!) freezer again to store all this yummy produce, especially as the chill in the air reminds me it won’t last forever.


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