garbage day


September 13, 2013 by Ellen V

One of my goals for 2013 has been to help Jane lose one of her big bedtime crutches: the pacifier. I had wanted to try it through the late winter and into the spring, but I kept talking myself out of it. I thought maybe summer would be a good time, when I work less in the evenings and can deal with some sleep deprivation if needed, but we traveled so frequently I placed primary importance on a decent night’s sleep on the road. Earlier this week, though, Eric confirmed for me it was time.

Now let’s just be clear, I really have no problem with pacifiers. My only problem is that in our case, it’s been doing more harm than good. Jane fusses for her’s all the time, it rarely soothes or quiets her (we would sometimes let her have it at church, but typically it just gave her one more thing to throw on the floor and whine about), and, about once or twice a week, it’ll drop through the slats in her crib, causing her to spend time awake in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning searching for it. And honestly, I’m just over it. One less thing I have to remember to bring with me on a road trip? Yes, please!

So Wednesday evening, Jane and Eric and I brought her pacifier out of her room, marched down to the prominent kitchen garbage can, and let Jane throw it in the trash! Jane loves throwing things away, so she was easy to convince. And once it was in the trash I was less tempted to grab it out for her when she didn’t fall asleep right away. She’s proven resilient, as usual: it took maybe an extra twenty minutes for Jane to fall asleep without it on Wednesday, twenty minutes for her nap yesterday, and last night, again no issues. Proud of my little girl, but kicking myself for not taking care of it months ago!


One thought on “garbage day

  1. snikkimack says:

    I hope it continues to go smoothly! I remember it took months and months to get my sister to stop using one. I have always been worried about that, but our little one despises the paci (of any kind) so we only have to worry about thumb sucking now! So far, she LOVES to suck on her fist! 😉

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