cross country season and fall favorites

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September 24, 2013 by Ellen V

Autumn is great for so many reasons, but most of all because it reminds me of the years and years I ran through trails of crunchy fallen leaves alone and with teammates, enjoying the sights and smells that fall had to offer. It’s a gorgeous time. Even now, four years out of my last cross country experience, my darkened and groggy morning runs are the best that I have all year long.

Other things are good, too, of course. Four favorites on this fourth day of fall:

  1. I made Martha‘s cranberry pear crisp with CSA cranberries that have been hanging out in our freezer since last November. Yikes. I decided that if they made it through the Great Meltdown, then they needed to be put to good use, pronto. The recipe was phenomenal. I plan to finish off the cranberries by making it again for our block party this weekend
  2. Saturday mornings are spent at swimming lessons for Jane lately, and I just love them. They are short and jam-packed with toddler-friendly activity. As it gets cooler outside, it’s been fun to have this one last taste of summer.
  3. Our summer was wild with weekends away, so I’m grateful for the autumn weekends at home. We’re still crazy busy and barely keeping our heads above water with errands, chores, and appointments, but we’re spending time as a family, doing a few just-for-fun things when we have an hour or two to spare, and actually making forward progress in keeping the house in order. This weekend we’re hoping to go apple picking. There are two people in my house who can’t seem to eat homemade apple sauce fast enough, so we’ll see how many apples we need to pick to keep them at bay for a few weeks.
  4. Our CSA is chock full of harvest vegetables right now and has been for the past few weeks, and I have been having so much fun planning menus around them. I especially love tomatoes, and it’s so awesome to be able to add two or three extra to every meal.

Everyone in my house is enjoying the change in seasons and a few new and happy things. So more fall favorites to come over the next few days!


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