not to be outdone: jane’s fall favorites

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September 27, 2013 by Ellen V

In the spirit of the latest few posts, Jane’s favorites of the moment:

  1.  Jane loves Play Doh right now. The first thing she does when a new person comes into the house (who is obviously there to play with her) is pull them to the closet where the Play Doh is kept. There are tiny Play Doh crumbs all. over. my. house.
  2. I’m happy to say that Jane is excited about drinking from cups. She would prefer there to only ever be juice in the cups and spills it much less frequently, as it is much more precious than other liquids.
  3. At least two or three evenings a week, Jane enjoys FaceTime with her grandparents, especially when it means feeding them snacks from her play kitchen. Papa K has perfected the hungry grandpa roar.
  4. When I can pull her away from the Play Doh, Jane’s pretty happy coloring or playing with sidewalk chalk as weather allows. What she lacks in verbal skills (she doesn’t talk a whole lot) she seems to be making up for in fine motor, as she is pretty much awesome at coloring anything and everything.

Jane’s happy it’s fall, too!

september 2013

September 2013


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