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October 3, 2013 by Ellen V

Over the course of the past few days, we’ve gathered about 20 pounds of apples and 12 pounds of pears in our home. We love fruit, but that’s too much for three little souls to eat!

I’ve had lots of thoughts about what to do with all these treasures. I’ve been looking up recipes for muffins and scones and pies. But I’m also at a particularly busy point in the work year, a time when I’m working hard and into the evening, a time when I come home exhausted. Baking is not high on my priority list. So, instead of baking, I’ve been peeling and chopping and freezing. I will make apple sauce and pear sauce with the diced goods over the course of the next few weeks or months. In this state, there’s no pressure to get it done right away, and I can relax in knowing the food will be put to good use when the time is right.

Now that the fridge works again, we’re gathering a few veggies for use later this fall and winter, as well. We’ve got tons of frozen corn, which we’ll mix into soups or pot pies or casseroles all winter. We’ve gotten lots of peppers lately, and I’m thinking I’ll cut and freeze the strips for stir fry and chili. The freezer seems so bare right now, after all that was eaten and tossed earlier this summer, but I’m glad to be stocking it again. We even have some grass-fed ground beef coming to us soon! I’m hoping the careful planning now will ease grocery prices this winter, when we go back to paying for our produce weekly instead of all at once in the spring for a long summer’s worth of goods.

On another note, if anyone has a go-to recipe for winter squash, I’d love to hear it! We’re just not squash eaters at the V House. I’m happy to continue to give it away to folks who do like it, but I feel an earnest effort in our own home is probably worth another shot.


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