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October 15, 2013 by Ellen V

There are many hard aspects of Eric’s many commitments in this season of our lives. One of those difficulties is that he almost always spends one to three hours working after Jane goes to bed. What used to be our time together is now… well… not.

The silver lining is that I now have an hour or two to myself on the evenings that I am home. Almost always, I spend that time either a) crashed on the couch, exhausted or b) scurrying to catch up on whatever chore (dishes, laundry, etc) is in desperate need of completion at the moment.

Yesterday, though, was one of the rare occasions when I had enough energy for activity and not too many chores to catch up on. I addressed baby shower invitations for a dear friend’s upcoming shower and made these pumpkin apple muffins. Even though Jane hated the muffins, I liked them and I consider my evening a success.


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