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October 22, 2013 by Ellen V

Silly us. We thought we could get away for 48 hours this weekend! Tsk, tsk. I should know better. We came back to a phone call telling us our painters were (finally) available to do our ceiling repair work, two huge funerals at our church, a friend moving away, a week filled with toddler activities, preparing for a big race/family gathering this weekend, and, of course, the usual crazy lives of the V family on top of all that.

The ceiling thing really turned our lives upside down the last few days, Eric enduring the brunt of it (of course). We’re in the midst of it all right now, and though I haven’t been home yet to see the first round of work, Eric assures me they’ve done a great job. We had ceiling damage in four rooms of our small house: the living room, the kitchen, and both second floor bedrooms. I got home from work at 8:30 last night, and Eric had moved most everything he could carry from the kitchen and living room to the dining room and basement. Our bedrooms were a bit trickier, and while I distracted Jane, Eric moved much of the furniture to our very small attic, shoved it into closets, lined the hallway with it, and finally left a few pieces to be draped in the rooms.

A big concern for us was sleeping arrangements. Jane is a solid sleeper, but a picky one. We were nervous about where we might all go tonight! Thankfully, our painters seemed to know our priorities, whether by instinct or per Eric’s instruction I’m not sure, and they finished our room and got Jane’s room done enough for sleeping tonight. The first floor rooms will be done tomorrow.

The major joy is getting these ceilings fixed, which has been a long time coming. The added bonus? The opportunity to sweep dog hair and toddler crumbs from nooks and crannies we rarely get to otherwise. And maybe some reorganization? Couldn’t hurt!

I'm not sure anyone, even Eric, has seen our living room this empty.

I’m not sure anyone, even Eric, has seen our living room this empty.




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