a chill in the air

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October 24, 2013 by Ellen V

Remember this post from two years ago at about this time? I remember that weekend well. My parents came, and while it was definitely fall, it was bright and sunny and just this perfect weekend for yardwork and sitting on the patio.

This week? Gray and cloudy. And cold! Highs in the 40s every. single. day. The chill is so dreary. It feels like winter has set in and the leaves haven’t even all dropped yet!

It’s funny what the seasons compel us to eat. I want to make and eat hibernation food–anything warm and hearty with a high fat content. Typically, Thanksgiving sneaks up on me a bit, but I sang Jane the K Family Turkey Song last night, ready to sit down for red wine or a dark beer, mashed potatoes, creamed peas, and pumpkin pie at any time.

I’m not complaining too much. I like casseroles and crock pot dinners, especially anything Eric makes from this cookbook. I love that the oven being on is a good thing to heat the house a bit now, instead of something to be avoided as in the hot August and September days. I’m making some scrumptious-looking pecan bars tonight for a friend’s baby shower, the kind of sweet that sticks to your ribs a bit. And while I’ve mostly trained myself out of looking forward to lattes on a regular basis and am generally happy with basic, black coffee, I’m tempted again as the weather turns cooler to turn into a local coffee place for the warm smells and a hot cup in my hands.

Happy autumn!


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