Resolution Check In: October 2013

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October 29, 2013 by Ellen V

We’re in the home stretch, baby.

2013 Goals:

This year I will…

  1. …bake bread twice a month. Not a total success story, but I get to it about that often. I do have to get at least one yet in October… 2 days to go! Check.
  2. …give up meat on Fridays. I totally lapsed on this after Lent. It was hard over the summer with all our travel, and I just haven’t gotten back in the swing.
  3. …write in a daily gratitude journal. I actually decided to officially end this in August. I did it every day, but it never made me actually feel any more thankful, really. Maybe I’ll come up with something else for 2014?
  4. …accomplish 12 projects I’ve Pinned. This was finished ages ago, but I am really doing a lot of cool things inspired by Pinterest. Eric hates it. Check.
  5. …lose the last few baby/thyroid pounds to get back to my goal weight. Over the summer, I got really intentional about this, and it worked! Hooray! Still working on a few things to feel my best, but I feel really good these days.
  6. …increase our savings to what it was before Jane’s birth-related hospital stay and croup-related hospital stay.
  7. …save enough slush fund to buy myself (or someone I love) one treat a month. Check, check, check! The latest few months I shopped consignment sales and got some great stuff for both myself and Jane.
  8. …transition Jane to a bed and break her of sleeping with a pacifier. We’re looking forward to tackling the switch to a big girl bed over the next few weeks–hopefully in time for holiday travel!
  9. …create and order a 2012 photobook. Eric has taken this on, but, though I hate to admit it, it’s still not done… soon? I hope? Maybe I’ll get 2012 and 2013 for a Christmas present. Hint, hint.
  10. …find a cleaning schedule that works and stick with it! This has gone pretty well, actually, and my biggest concerns in the house (bathrooms, kitchen, and vacuuming) happen much more often than they used to. Check!

I feel like November and December can help me finish strong! Let’s go 2013!


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