welcome to winter

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November 12, 2013 by Ellen V

It snowed yesterday morning, and there are still flakes on the ground. It’s the beginning of several months of weather for us in Wisconsin.

We had hardly done any yard work at all, of course, up until last Friday. Between rain and the plague, it just didn’t seem high on the priority list. But Mama and Papa V came to visit this weekend, so we managed to scrape the place together. I worked on indoor chores, Eric took care of the outdoor basics. The wind blew something fierce on Saturday, and with it came the last of the leaves still clinging to the trees, so I managed to take a few minute on Sunday afternoon to give the yard another once over. Thank goodness, too–now that we’ve had snow, there’s not much turning back!

Other years we’ve made a whole day of winterizing the yard, but it just wasn’t in the cards this autumn. The pumpkin is still on the front step, but it’ll make it’s way to the curb sometime in the next few days. We’re not early Christmas people, so we have a few weeks before we need to decide about lights or trees or wreaths or any of that business. For now, I appreciate the simplicity of a cleaned up yard and the quiet, dimly lit streets on my early morning runs and late evening drives into our neighborhood.


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