Big Ice!

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December 10, 2013 by Ellen V

Oh my Jane.

We had a dumping of snow on Sunday, and she woke up from her nap to a winter wonderland. My usual half hour commute may have taken me 2.5 hours that afternoon, but it was worth it to see her fall in love with the snow (or ice, as she puts it). Lots of snow = “BIG ICE” in Jane lingo.

getting ready for the big ice

getting ready for the big ice

I’m settling into a long winter. This December has been cold and snowy already, and I am starting to just be okay with the fact that the rumors of the bad winter ahead may actually be true. Eric’s going to make sure the snow blower is in good working order this week, which should, at the very least, make things a little more survivable. And I made sure we were all stocked up on boots, snow pants, hats and mittens that fit our various sizes, so we’ll be ready to keep it fun, too.

Stay warm out there, people!


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