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December 30, 2013 by Ellen V

For someone that doesn’t like a lot of clutter or hanging on to things, the toddler birthday/Christmas thing that was my life last week is stressful in a major way.

We spent some time trying to unclutter yesterday. I put a box of early toddler toys in the attic (easy puzzles and latch toys, mostly). I put the pile of 2T clothes that Jane’s outgrown in yet another bin. I reorganized a few things on our first floor to better utilize a few hidden storage areas.

It’s mostly still stressful, though. The unused baby stuff sitting in the attic is the worst of it, but there’s so much more (the basement, the garage, all of it). Perhaps a few resolutions for 2014 in the works here?

In other news, a violent plague that we thought was food poisoning but was definitely not food poisoning cycled through the house over the weekend, which shot our plans for fun. We did a lot of sleeping and watching television. It’s a new week, a new chance to get it right, as Mama K would say. We’re wishing for good health and a clean, clutter free home to ring in the new year!


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