Happy 2014


January 1, 2014 by Ellen V

We have been celebrating up a storm in the last 24 hours–dinner with friends and their kids near work, then home to put Jane to bed and have sparkly drinks with other friends later in the evening, and, today, our annual bowls of black eyed peas with anyone who can stop by. Jane, Eric, and I have all been enjoying the company.

happy new year

happy new year

2013 was pretty boring, all things considered–not that it’s necessarily a bad thing! We know there will be many exciting things on the horizon (like a dissertation defense and graduation for Eric!) in 2014, so maybe a low key year was just what we needed.

My 2013 resolutions were just what I needed in the last year, but I’m doing things a little differently for 2014. I know that I work well with tangible, quantifiable goals, but many of the things I’d like to work on in the coming year are harder to pin down. So I’m keeping my list light in hopes that some of the things that don’t make it on the list will come along with the things that do.

First, the year in review…

2013 Goals:

This year I will…

  1. …bake bread twice a month. This went mostly well, but it wasn’t really the “fresh bread every week” thing I had been going for. In another life, maybe.
  2. …give up meat on Fridays. Nope, didn’t really happen. Though we are still eating fairly little meat overall, so I’m not sure this was really a goal I needed in my life.
  3. …write in a daily gratitude journal. Another fail. I kept this up very well until about August. But I realized it wasn’t actually helping me feel more grateful or count my blessings. I just did it to get it off my to do list for the day. Again, another goal that wasn’t for me.
  4. …accomplish 12 projects I’ve Pinned. This was pretty easy, actually–I probably tripled that. I use Pinterest more as a “to do” list these days, and I actually really love it!
  5. …lose the last few baby/thyroid pounds to get back to my goal weight. I got my thyroid levels under control over the summer and then went from there. I am really proud of this one!
  6. …increase our savings to what it was before Jane’s birth-related hospital stay and croup-related hospital stay. Check!
  7. …save enough slush fund to buy myself (or someone I love) one treat a month. Eric and I have a weekly allowance to help us balance our lives with a small amount of “fun” money for things like coffee or a lunch out, and when I put a little aside each week it was a good means of keeping me temperate as well as making me think about what was really worth spending money on. Some of my favorite “treats” were trips to farmers markets and a big splurge for (totally unneeded but awesome) toys and clothes for Jane at a kids consignment sale.
  8. …transition Jane to a bed and break her of sleeping with a pacifier. Both of these went really well, and I can’t wait to see what milestones she’ll accomplish in 2014!
  9. …create and order a 2012 photo book. Oh, ugh. Totally embarrassing.
  10. …find a cleaning schedule that works and stick with it! I am extremely happy with this one. I’m going to keep my calendar system for 2014 and beyond!

Another year, another chance to get it right.

2014 Goals:

  1. …create and order a 2013 photo book. Part of my problem last year was that I just nagged Eric to do this rather than take any responsibility for it. I’m fairly certain the 2012 book is almost done, so while we’re finishing that up, I plan to take full responsibility for our 2013 book!
  2. …potty train Jane! Oh, the fun we’ll have!
  3. …support a local farmers’ market at least once a month. We’ve all but firmly decided against a CSA this year. Jane’s gotten too picky for it to be the best use of the farmers’ produce or our budget. Instead, we’re planning to utilize our area farmers’ markets, including the super awesome indoor market over the winter. We plan to work this trip into our grocery budget.
  4. …continue a cleaning calendar. This worked in 2013 so well I’m holding myself accountable to it in 2014!
  5. …make deep cleaning and home improvements a monthly priority. Eric and I both would like to do a better job of making room in our time and budget for home upkeep (and more than just regular surface cleaning).

It’s harder to quantify, but the biggest goal for me in 2014 is to be more present to the life I have right now–to put down my phone, to celebrate the wonderful life I have, to fully engage my daughter, husband, friends, colleagues, and to be satisfied with the unknowns of the future. I hope the same for you, too!


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