Wisconsin Winter

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January 5, 2014 by Ellen V

The buzz around these parts is all about record setting low temperatures expected over the next few days. All the area schools are already closed for tomorrow, and many workplaces and services, too. We haven’t decided exactly what our day will look like–I have the flexibility to work from home in inclement weather–but it will mostly involve trying to stay warm!

In the meantime, we’re working on some little projects here and there with the first free time we’ve had in what seems like several months. Eric’s conditioning leather shoes in the living room while he waits for the baguette dough to rise. I’ve already managed a few loads of laundry, and I’m hoping to sort and put away most of the Christmas decorations that are still up. I also have some sewing and cooking projects on the back burner that would be lovely to get to if I end up with some extra time at home the next few days.

We’re battling an exceptionally icky winter so far, especially compared to the mild ones we’ve had the last two years in a row. My shoveling muscles are getting back into shape, though, and we’re trying our best to remember to keep the front walkway hazard-free enough so the mail carrier doesn’t yell at us. I’m tired of having to rearrange my workout plan on a constant basis to account for another few inches of snow or sub-zero temperatures when I get up in the morning (-15 windchill is about my limit). I hoping it gets a little better after this deep freeze!

For now, layer up and stay warm, people!

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