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January 10, 2014 by Ellen V

I managed some unexpected free time this week with the frigid temps and lots of home time. I got to try a few new things and accomplish a few to do items during those extra hours. No complaints!

I made up a few smoothie packs to sneak in some veggies for my toddler. Just add milk!

I tried a few new recipes. The molten lava cakes didn’t look as pretty as the picture, but they tasted delicious and were surprisingly easy. They’ll probably make it into my fancy dessert splurge rotation. I also made this super duper easy Tuscan Pasta recipe for friends last night. I used canned diced tomatoes, doubled the wine, and used dried instead of fresh basil. PLUS, the sauce was plentiful and appetites were, too, so I doubled the ravioli. It was beautiful. I’ll make a cheaper version again in the next week or two by just using regular pasta rather than the expensive refrigerated ravioli.

I bought a used bicycle trainer (it’s not this one, but kind of like it), which I look forward to setting up this weekend. I doubt this harsh winter is over yet, and I’m looking forward to an indoor cardio option.

I made up what might be one of the last batches of homemade wipes. I send store bought ones to daycare, and I see potty training in our very near future. Crazy!

On top of that stuff, we’ve been hanging out together, seeing some friends, and celebrating four years of marriage. We’re pretty lucky, all things considered!


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