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January 17, 2014 by Ellen V

Jane and I spent a few minutes this morning rearranging a some things to get rid of the high chair in our life.

Eric and I have agreed for a while that our high chair (or at least it’s tray) has got to go. It’s bulky, hard to clean, and unnecessary except that it’s allowed her to eat in the kitchen at breakfast (and sometimes lunch) instead of the dining room, on the other side of the house.

big girl giggles

big girl giggles

So we moved her child-sized table and chairs into the kitchen, after rearranging the trash can and the Dallas food bowls. Everything fits, but barely. It’s not ideal, but I’m hoping it gets us through for a few months. We’ll see how it shakes down. In the meantime, I gave the tray a thorough cleaning (and it was gross), and we’ll use the main part of the chair as a booster in the dining room (like we usually do at supper time, but now it’ll have a permanent place there).

I never imagined these transitional toddler days, but we’re making it work. Day by day!



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