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January 21, 2014 by Ellen V

I’m writing this in the midst of three especially crazy work days. I’ll have more two, three, four day stretches like this over the next few months. It’s the busy season for me, and I find I’m better off if I acknowledge it early on.

Jane hasn’t been cooperating much as far as “let’s make the Christmas-to-Easter time easy on Mama” attitude. Perhaps she’s feeding off my anxiety. Eric’s holding us together at the seams, though. I’m grateful for that.

It’s been helpful to make some fun family and friends plans for the next few weeks that should give me a mental break during the in-between times. We’ve got dinner with neighbors and friends on the calendar, as well as visits from family, a few short getaways, and some bigger events. Some rest and relaxation time is important, but I find that keeping myself busy during busy times keeps me going and motivated–no time to think too hard about the next thing!

So keep on alert! On tap for the next few weeks: a pasta bar with the neighbor family, a couple dinner+play dates, two short trips, and planning for another clothing swap! Looking forward to sharing the results!

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