broken heels


January 24, 2014 by Ellen V

I was so excited about fixing a great pair of heeled boots I bought for a steal on eBay about a year ago. They are a great brand, real leather–the kind of stuff I don’t normally buy myself, even used! But now, after much wear, the heel tips are totally worn down. I found a place online I could buy replacements and the DIY advice on the inter webs makes it sound so easily.

Not so much.

My fingers are crossed that Eric will have more skillz than me (no doubt he will) and he’ll be able to help without too much trouble. If not, I’ll find myself a cobbler and pay a few more dollars, I guess.

Oh, well. High hopes.


2 thoughts on “broken heels

  1. Amy says:

    There’s a good cobbler in downtown Grafton, close to the Ale House, if you end up needing it.

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