January Favorites

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January 29, 2014 by Ellen V

Okay, the month’s not quite over, but I can’t help myself. A few of my favorite things from the past four weeks or so:

Favorite Temperature A temperature of -12 (or something like that) resulted in a late start for all of us, and latest of all me. I had a solid hour and a half by myself in my house! Not even a napping toddler to be wary of! Amazing. I got so much done, including getting that artwork up in Jane’s room (finally!).

Favorite Purchase I bought a bike trainer on eBay during the first deep freeze of the month, and it totally got me through the past couple weeks of brutal winter. Make it work!

Favorite Phrase Not my favorite, of course, but Jane’s favorite phrase of the moment: “I need this.” As in, “My treat! I need this!” or “Elmo! I need this!” It’s cute. The first time.

Favorite Getaway Our big Christmas gift to Jane and to each other was a one night stay at a hotel with an indoor water park (Wisconsin classic). After booking and cancelling somewhere else (it’s a long story), we managed a trip to Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan. What a blast! We swam, ate, got glitter tattoos, watched cartoons and even managed to get everyone a few hours of sleep.

ice cream treat "What flavor do you want, Jane?" "Boo! And lellow!"

ice cream treat
“What flavor do you want, Jane?”
“Boo! And lellow!”

so proud, picked out her cupcake by herself

so proud, picked out her cupcake by herself

Favorite Baby Some of our most beloved friends finally, finally had their first baby, little Caleb. He’s so perfect! I am constantly trying to figure out how many visits would be too many visits.

Favorite Way to Spoil Jane With our getaway, the post-Christmas splurges, and family feeling far away, Jane’s getting gifted a lot lately. But my favorite purchase has been a headband from the Maisie Jayne Etsy shop. It’s simple, comfy, handmade, inexpensive, and Jane adores it. I have to hold myself back from buying six more.

photo 3(1)Favorite Thing to Look Forward To I don’t think I can choose! We have a great February lined up: a lake weekend, Jane’s first Milwaukee County Zoo class, a visit from Mama and Papa K, and the potential of (gulp) potty training, plus the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day, too!


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