toddler illness in the v household: a history

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February 7, 2014 by Ellen V

December 2011: Jane is born with a teeny white bump on her tongue. After consultations with physicians over the next six months, it is decided it MUST BE REMOVED. One outpatient surgery (July 2012) and many tests on the tiny bump later, the diagnosis? Skin tag.

October 2012: A hacking cough that just won’t quit results in an ambulance ride, two visits to the ER, and an overnight at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Diagnosis? Croup.

June 2013: Jane pinches her finger in a bathroom door at a gas station while on vacation. Lost finger nail, buckets of blood. Urgent care in the mid-sized Minnesota town takes multiple X-rays. Diagnosis? Pinched finger.

February 2014: A super high fever that just won’t quit, plus a hacking cough. Tests include chest X-rays, fever, and strep by multiple doctors over multiple days. Diagnosis? Common cold.

It’s really pretty funny. If you’re not the parents.


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