six more weeks of winter

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February 11, 2014 by Ellen V

Ugh, that silly groundhog. Winter keeps on happening. Not even a hint of spring. I don’t dare hope that the 30 degree temps forecasted for next week might actually come true.

I set us up for a glorious cold weather menu this week with some of our favorites, to keep our spirits up in the miserable cold and snow and winter. Last night we had an easy tortellini soup. I substituted a couple things with what we had on hand. I love making a good soup at the beginning of the week with leftovers to stretch for another day or two, especially since I’m usually working into the night on Tuesdays.

Coming up, Eric will make us a delicious crock pot gumbo (without seafood, the way I like it!), we’ll make sure to have a little semi-homemade pepperoni pizza (Jane’s current favorite), I’ll whip up the chili I’ve made twice a month all winter, and chicken pot pie to round out the week.

So, there. At least there will be hearty and warm food in my life this week. If nothing else.


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