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March 3, 2014 by Ellen V

Little Miss Helper this weekend:

serving cookies to Big Bear

serving cookies to Big Bear

helping Papa vacuum

helping Papa vacuum

Yes, believe it or not, both of these things really did happen. Unprompted. I swear.

Jane is very into imitation lately (which means she vacuumed and also told Dallas to shut up on the same day. uh oh.) There’s nothing better than a 2-year-old’s copycatting ways to show you your flaws. It’s mostly cute, though, and fun to watch her start to pretend and imagine.

While we’re still in the Land of Vague at our place lately, we did manage to have a little fun over the weekend, especially after we learned that Jane’s most recent bout of crankiness was ear infection related and we got some drugs in her. We helped a dear friend celebrate her 30th birthday, splurged on take out, and invited new friends over for dinner. I refuse to let the snow and cold beat me. Bring it on, March.


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