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March 27, 2014 by Ellen V

  1. After this morning’s chilly run, I checked out the 10 Day Forecast. Not a single morning below 20, and most should be in the 30s. I’ll take it!
  2. We’ve been indulging in Kopps on a regular basis at our house. It’s so awesome. I worked late last night, and the leftover pint of Turtle Sundae motivated me on my drive home.
  3. Marquette University, where I got my master’s degree and Eric is soon to receive his PhD, just announced their new presidential hire who is a) a distance runner and b) a member of the parish just down the street from us, which we love. I think this guy and I are gonna be tight.
  4. We’ve been (finally) talking about doing some rearranging in our house, and I’m so excited! Besides changing the guest room to a nursery a couple years ago, everything has mostly stayed put since we got married, and it really didn’t change much even then. I’m looking forward to a chance to refresh the place without financial ruin.
  5. Some friends and I have been putting together a Google doc to better share our baby resources, especially the large stuff that nobody has room for. The effort to reuse stuff and free up some attic space has me thrilled!
  6. We haven’t taken pictures of Jane with the “good camera” since the summer, but we happened to pull it out over the weekend so her babysitter could get some family pictures while we were all together for Eric’s defense. She captured a fantastic family photo and a ridiculously good pic of Jane by herself while she was practicing. Hooray for happy accidents!
  7. It’s a long week around these parts, but the weekend promises to be filled with fun, too. Looking forward to seeing some friends and eating other people’s food!

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