favorite things: first trimester addition


April 18, 2014 by Ellen V

At about 12.5 weeks into this pregnancy, I’m nearing the completion of what has proven to be an absolutely miserable first trimester. This little one wants to make sure I know it is there! It’s funny how simply different this pregnancy has been, so far, from the last time. I’ve had a few bumps along the road, as well as the daily nausea and exhaustion that so many women face early on in pregnancy. In comparison, last time was so. darn. easy.

Complaining aside, I’ve been learning to manage the general ickiness. A few of my favorite things from the first couple months in this second pregnancy:

  1. Bellabands I invested in a second Bellaband early in this pregnancy when my pants felt tight immediately and any added pressure on my abdomen felt awful. I’ve only gained a pound or two so far, so I’m definitely not holding up full-panel maternity pants, but I need something besides sweats most days, and have since week 6 or 7.1011_00_1
  2. Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy ProjectJust like last time, I’ve been running as consistently as ever. In fact, since this winter’s weather was so horrible, I haven’t even cut mileage back yet. That will come over the next weeks. Since I only run five days a week, though, I try to mix it up one or two other days with a workout video, biking, walking, or strength training. This series was well-reviewed, and I had recently invested in some other Tracy Anderson workout DVDs pre-pregnancy, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m so glad I did! There is a different workout for every month (9 total!), and these workouts are no joke! They definitely assume you were fit before you were pregnant and hope to stay that way. I am sore by the time I’m done with these puppies, and switching it up every few weeks helps things stay fresh.pregnancy-project__40451_std
  3. Snacks Controlling my nausea through frequent high-protein snacks has been the only successful method for me in the last few weeks. I was snacking on saltines and other simple carbs at first, as most folks recommended to me, and I was always feeling worse and worse. Nuts, cheese, yogurt, and protein bars have been much better, and some complex carbs like fruit (which I constantly crave, just like with Jane) work much better. I still indulge in ice cream (or custard!) or popcorn most evenings, though. Because I can.
  4. Naps If you ask Eric… or my mom… or anyone, really, they’ll tell you that I’m the worst napper that ever lived. I’ve never been a great sleeper, and daytime sleep has always been hard to come by. These last two months, though? No problem! I doze on the couch whenever I get the chance. In fact, I’m incredibly sad that this Friday I’ll be working instead of napping during Jane’s snooze time. Too bad. Next week.
  5. Spring Consignment Sales The last few weeks brought my two favorite major consignment sales to the Milwaukee area: Just Between Friends and Divine Consign. If you live around here, I highly recommend both of them. You won’t find the deals that the coming weeks’ garage sales will offer, but the quality of goods is high and there’s minimal searching involved. It’s too early for committing to much buying for this new little babe (though I did find a few things for Jane) at Just Between Friends, but Divine Consign had a healthy maternity section and I found a few great tops, plus had cash leftover to indulge in some chunky jewelry to spruce up my simple maternity wear.
  6. Out of the Spin Cycle by Jen Hatmaker was loaned to me a few weeks into my pregnancy by a new mom, and it was a great reflection on the mother I’d like to be. It is light, easy, but challenging. If you’re a mom of any age looking for a devotional, I’d highly recommend it. index
  7. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is another fantastic read. We got it early into my first pregnancy, and I’ve found it to be just the right balance of simplicity and information. I like having it on my bedside table, and I flip through it once every week or two. index
  8. Sodastream Natural Ginger Ale When it comes to food, I’m a bit of a crazy pregnant person. No caffeine (excepting the decaf drink here or there), no alcohol, very little fish, and no artificial sweeteners. I was disappointed to see that even the non-diet Sodastream flavors have at least a little artificial sweeteners. Luckily, Eric discovered the natural line. They are hard to find in stores, but you can order online, and the ginger ale is phenomenal. It makes for a nice “fancy drink” when everyone else is having beer or wine, and takes the edge off my nausea.SparklingNaturals-GingerAle
  9. Rising Temperatures and Longer Days Although this week has been on the chilly side, we’re still finally at a consistent above-freezing temp, and the days get longer and longer. I feel like we’re coming into spring time… finally… at the end of April… It makes the 5:30 a.m. runs a little easier when the sun is peaking over the horizon, and I’m looking forward to walks and trips to the park with Jane in the post-Easter easier time for me in my work life.
  10. Frozen It might seem strange to list this movie, but it has been our saving grace the last few weeks, and we don’t even own it! We rented it through Redbox one time (we let Jane watch it twice–once that night and again the next morning) and promptly returned it. But a YouTube viewing of one or two of the songs makes her incredibly happy and allows you to convince her of almost anything–a Godsend in my current state, when I rarely have the energy to tackle her to do her hair or put on her shoes. Thanks, Disney. She may or may not own her own copy by the end of this weekend, depending on the Easter Bunny’s mood.MV5BMTQ1MjQwMTE5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjk3MTcyMDE@._V1_SX214_AL_

Truly, I’m blessed with a healthy pregnancy so far, and I’m looking forward to the adventures and the (hopefully) increased energy and decreased nausea of the second trimester. Looking forward to seeing what it brings!

2 thoughts on “favorite things: first trimester addition

  1. LK says:

    Love this thoughtful list! I hope the 2nd trimester is easier and more comfortable. Love you!

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