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May 2, 2014 by Ellen V

I’m in the process of purging and decluttering for our yard sale next weekend. It’s so stressful!

Eric and I have opposite personalities when it comes to this kind of thing. He’s a bit more sentimental and a bit more practical. He sees plenty of value in keeping things because they hold a memory, and he sees a ton of value in keeping things because they might be useful to us again someday.

I lean toward the “if you don’t use it, lose it” mentality. What good is this thing gonna do me just sitting there taking up valuable space in our little house, anyway?

We balance each other pretty well, but there have been a few feuds about what to toss and what to hang on to over the years. I think we’re both hoping this little purge fest helps us reclaim some space, though–especially considering we’re bringing another human into the world in a few short months!

I was going to take a little picture of our pile so far, but it has yet to obtain Eric Approval, so I thought it best to wait. Imagination a mini mountain in my basement!


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