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May 16, 2014 by Ellen V

Birthday week turns into graduation weekend turns into birthday week. The party never stops at the V House.

I’m recovered from the whole turning 30 thing (I think) and delving into a cleaning warpath until Mama and Papa V get here tomorrow. In our little house, guests typically sleep in the basement. We have a very comfortable full bed there, and I work hard to keep clean sheets on it, at the very least. I’ve taken time over the last month or so to get a few other things cleaned up down there, too–a couple bags to Good Will, a purge from last weekend’s yard sale, a cleaned out and cleaned off sewing area. I almost never vacuum down there, but I even did that today.

I find the underutilized spaces in my house are the hardest to keep clean. I don’t spend a lot of time in the basement, so I never think to vacuum or dust. It’s never until a guest arrives that I realize how much could be done to clean it up. And then they leave, and it leaves my mind with them.

Add it to the to do list, I guess!


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