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May 27, 2014 by Ellen V

What a strange whirlwind of a weekend! Mama and Papa V were at their lake house enjoying the holiday weekend, so Eric and Jane went Friday morning to spend a little time with them while I hung out at home so I could witness the marriage of two super special people on Saturday afternoon. I ran up to the lake Saturday evening, and spent Sunday and Monday morning soaking up the sun. Then yesterday, we enjoyed a sending off cookout for some favorite people who are moving to Nashville this week. We finally wound up the day chatting with neighbors, watching Jane burn off brownie frosting in their driveway.
Exhausting, but wonderful.

Memorial Day Weekend is such a great kick off to summer, especially when the weather was as lovely as it has been here. Hot days, cool nights. Re-seasoning the grill. Smells of sunscreen and lake water and bonfires.

Even with my little alone time, not a lot “accomplished” this weekend. Instead, I focused on kicking back a bit and transitioning into the relaxed pace of summer. Worth it.


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