who knew spring would be so exciting?


June 4, 2014 by Ellen V

The contract is signed and notarized, so we can finally finally share the news that we’re moving to Virginia this summer! Eric will be working as a professor at Ferrum College, and, at least for now, I’ll be staying home with Jane and the tomato. We’re headed to apartment hunt in a few weeks, we’ll spend the summer packing up and saying goodbyes to our favorite people and places in the Midwest, and we’ll take the plunge in August.

It feels… crazy.

But the good kind of crazy?

To be quite honest, I’m not thrilled about staying at home. I think I’ll feel differently when I have a newborn, but Jane has loved daycare and I am not sure the long days with my toddler are in my temperament. Luckily, I’ll have plenty to do before the baby comes, and when it does, I know I won’t have time to worry about preferences for at least a little while!

Winding down my time at work, downsizing from a house to an apartment, and preparing to move two adults, a toddler, a fetus, and a dog across the country should mean that there will be lots of fun on the horizon!

One thought on “who knew spring would be so exciting?

  1. LK says:

    The tomato! Love that!

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