sort, purge, donate, pack

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June 10, 2014 by Ellen V

The rhythm of my life for the next two months: sort, fold, clean, purge, donate, sell, pack.

Poor Sister K is coming to visit this weekend, and she’ll be sleeping amidst a sea of boxes in my basement.

We don’t go to Virginia to house hunt for another week and a half, which means many things will go untouched until then. Will we have a basement or a den for our extra couch and coffee table? A garage for the Cozy Coupe and the basketball hoop?

I’m impressed with Eric more than myself: he’s packing away books, sorting them carefully into boxes for his office and our home. I’m not doing that even… I start to look in a closet or at a bookshelf of things I know we’ll bring, but I’m paralyzed to do much. I need to envision the space where these things will live. We’re just not there yet, I’m sorry to say.

One thing I know I’ll get to in the coming week is the baby things! We found out yesterday that the little banana is a girl, which will make that particular round of purging a little less painful. I’m looking forward to nesting a little… dragging out the bins and boxes of girly things and deciding what to keep and what to pass on to another little girl. In the rush and commotion of the spring, she’s gotten very little attention. I’m looking forward to nap time on Friday, being home and looking through all the teeny tiny things. It’s something, at least.


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