beautiful virginia

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June 23, 2014 by Ellen V

We made it back from Virginia, safe, sound, and with a deposit down on a house to rent. We’re happy with our find–a solid home with lots of character, in the country but just a short drive from the small town near by and a less-than-twenty-minute commute for Eric.

Mama and Papa K stayed with Jane for the weekend while we apartment hunted. I had never been away from her so long! It was great grandparent time for her (and them, I think!), but I’ll be glad to be spending some quality time with her in the next few weeks.

Now that we know where we’re going and what kind of space we’ll have, it’s going to make the packing go a little quicker. We have a house, so a lot of the things we were unsure about can come with (hooray!), but the layout is different enough that we need to make some decisions in order to make the best use of the moving truck. I’m so glad we have over a month and a half to get our lives in order!

The quick visit proved to me what an adventure this will be for us. It was easy to feel overwhelmed with the prospects of all the changes that we’re facing in the very near future. It’s not always easy to remember all the blessings that are coming along with the changes! 7 weeks to go!

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