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July 2, 2014 by Ellen V

We put the call out for boxes a couple weeks ago, and folks have been so generous. I am fairly certain at this point we won’t have to pay for a box or for packing paper. We did invest in some serious quantities of packing tape, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed we won’t need to buy much more beyond that.

Right now, Eric and I try to pack at least 2-3 boxes between us in the evenings after Jane goes to bed. I think he often does a few more throughout the day. As we pack, bags for donation fill up. Eric’s been making at least one trip to Good Will every week. It’s incredible to see our stuff being sorted, boxed, and stacked. It’s hard for me, the purger in our relationship, to know we’re paying for every item we move, but I also don’t want to have to buy gobs of stuff on the other side. Moving is expensive, if you didn’t already know!

I hope the unpacking part is more fun than the packing part. I think it will be, in many ways. Eric and I have never started a living space from scratch before (he had been living in our house for several years before we got married), so it will be fun to decide furniture arrangements and wall hangings together, making mistakes as we go.

I just hope we can find somebody to pay our boxes forward to!


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