favorite things: second trimester addition

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July 17, 2014 by Ellen V

Believe it or not, I’m closing in on the end of my second trimester! This pregnancy has been so hectic. Poor little girl won’t know what hit her. Or maybe I’ll be so desperate for a break that she’ll just have to be a cuddler.

This trimester has been a heck of a lot smoother than the first was, but I’m still way, way, way more uncomfortable than I was with Jane. The pounds are packing on (and not in a cute, basketball belly way), the heartburn is in full swing (no real surprise there), and the moving to Virginia thing is happening.

If you want to check out my first trimester list of favs, search no further!

With no further ado, the stuff that’s getting me through:

  1. Tums Obviously. 1376416874763
  2. Potty Training Successes We’re on the slow train to being fully potty trained, but Jane is continuing to have frequent success and I’m grateful for it! The “big plan” is to intensify our training post-move to Virginia and switch from pull-ups to cotton training pants. But with our travels and the transition between now and then, I’m trying not to rush it.
  3. Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project I realize this is a repeat from the first trimester list, but it’s been so good to me I couldn’t resist. I’m still holding steady (though slower and less mileage) at running five days a week, but it’s nice to mix it up at least once a week with these videos. They are challenging! And there’s a new one every month! What’s not to love? pregnancy-project__40451_std
  4. Frequent Walks Speaking of exercise… my thyroid issues (and now my speedy pregnancy weight gain) seem to be helped if I can get a second short burst of exercise in during the day. The nice summer days and slower work schedule as I wind down allow me to get out for 10-15 minutes almost every work day. Thank goodness.
  5. TOMS Okay, I’m not a crazy TOMS fanatic or anything, but what better pregnancy shoes could possibly exist? So maybe I’m a pregnancy TOMS fanatic. So what? I had a great pair already, and my sisters bought me another pair for my birthday in May, so I am wearing the junk out of my old ones, which I will trash/donate when we leave and bust out the new ones in Virginia.
  6. The Best Dress Ever This little black number is from Old Navy, and I am super in love with it. I wear it at least once every few days. It’s a super washable jersey material, goes with anything and everything, and ridiculously comfortable. Next time you know someone who is pregnant, buy her one. Also from Old Navy, this one is my runner up.cn7397173
  7. Fruit Thank goodness fruit is delicious and reasonably priced right now, because I’m pretty sure I spend unreasonable numbers of dollars on fruit every weekend at the grocery store. Everything is in season, everything is so darn tasty. Can’t wait to head to Mama and Papa K’s this weekend to let them buy me all the fruit in the world!
  8. Daniel Tiger Did you know Netflix has new episodes of Daniel Tiger recently added to their supply? It is these kinds of things that assure me that God exists, and He hears our prayers.
  9. Mama Bee Belly Butter Burt’s Bees is so good to me in so many ways, but their Belly Butter got me through my last pregnancy very-few-stretchmarks kinds of ways, so I’m keep my fingers crossed and slathering it on. And even if it doesn’t really do anything, it smells good and makes me less itchy. So there’s something. DM_RF_MAMA_BlyBtr_TUB
  10. Steel Cut Oats Maybe I should just say breakfast foods in general, because I’m loving cereal, pancakes, and all sorts of stuff I’m typically not that into. But steel cut oats are the best, and we’ve been making them in the crockpot overnight at least once a week. Nummers.
  11. Bonus: Rimmel BB Cream Okay, I was going to stop this list at 10, but I’d be remiss if I failed to mention my love for BB Cream. My skin is clearer during pregnancy (a blessing, I know), so I can actually use more on my face than I normally do. This is so perfect. A friend recommended BB Cream to me after she used it in pregnancy, and her make up artist sister had recommended it to her. It’s just enough so I feel polished, and, paired with a bit of mascara, I feel like I’ve got more than enough most days. Hooray!BB-Cream_PRODUCT_01

It’s all going well, all in all. No complaints, really. I know those will come in the next few weeks 🙂 We’re hanging in there at the V House, ready for a little vacation next week and the big move shortly thereafter. I hope things are as happy where you are!

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