on my last day of work

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August 6, 2014 by Ellen V

After four years at my current workplace, and two years of church ministry at a different parish before that, I’ll be officially SAHMing it beginning this afternoon.

It’s crazy business. I mean, this is going to be my job:


I’m not sure it’s in my temperament to stay at home long-term, but with our pending move and quickly coming second child, it seems to make the most sense for the moment. As Eric says, “You don’t know if you’ll hate it. You’ve never done it.” And I’ve always told him I would do whatever made the most sense for our family, especially while we have very young children. I actually had a job offer a few weeks ago, but I had to turn it down–with two kids in childcare, it’s going to be hard to work in church ministry and have anything left of a paycheck. We’re working on thinking outside the box for other opportunities, but we’ve agreed that we need to give it a few months before we rush into anything.

Needless to say, beyond caring for the rugrat pictured above or the one currently kicking me in the bladder, I’ll be working on new ways to save us money, too. Plan on some budgeting posts over the new couple months!

I’m also looking forward to giving Jane some consistency of schedule (which she’s never had) and I’m planning to use the glorious Pinterest to come up with some preschool themes, especially once the weather turns a little cooler. Probably like most toddlers, her brain seems to move a mile a minute, and I think some projects will help keep us both in line. Of course, little one number two will be coming in just a few short months, which I’m sure will put a bit of a kink in all my plans!

At the house, we’re keeping plenty busy continuing to pack (how is there still stuff to pack?) and readying ourselves for the weekend’s move. I think we’re all looking forward to the next step at this point!

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