another day, another heat wave.

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August 29, 2014 by Ellen V

Welcome to the South?

Just as I was all bragging up a storm about the AC repairmen coming to the house a day or two early, things are not working as they should again. I was lounging yesterday afternoon, waiting for Jane to wake up from her nap, and could feel the house getting stickier and warmer. Everything seems to be working, but the air coming out of my vents is not cool. I realize that these are first world problems, but I’m 32 weeks pregnant, people! 

All in all, though, life is mostly good. This is a huge lifestyle change for me, and I feel like I’m hanging with it most days. A few things I’m learning:

  • I actually do prefer a gas range on my oven. I never thought I’d be snobbish like that, but we have an electric stovetop in our rental, and it makes me sad.
  • I’m terrible at baking bread. Or maybe I just have a knack for choosing all the wrong Pinterest recipes. I’m trying to do more stuff from scratch because Jane loves helping in the kitchen and because it’s generally cheaper, but I’m going back to the bread machine and/or box mixes pronto. I’m so tired of failed recipes! (Also, if you have an easy, go-to bread recipe, please do share!)
  • We must have been eating out more often than we’d like to admit when we lived in the city, because it’s Friday and all the food is gone! Seriously, we need to buy more food.

So all the things I’m learning are kitchen-related? But I think that’s okay. We’re developing a system. And because of the heat–AC or not–I’m relying on a lot of stovetop or slow cooker meals. And Mama and Papa V got us a Vitamix (!) as a housewarming gift, so the smoothies and popsicles are nice dessert treats to cool us off.

When I haven’t found an excuse to go to Dairy Queen, that is.

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