just in case you thought we were done with change…

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September 8, 2014 by Ellen V

We’ve been in Virginia almost a month, believe it or not, and I’m finally feeling… if not settled, then get there.

But I realized today that I’m 33 weeks pregnant. Woah. Where did those last four weeks go?!

This last week, we’ve finally gotten the last few things unpacked and put away. The nursery has been low on the priority list, but once the guest bed (which will have it’s home there) got up, it gave me a little motivation to unpack most of the boxes there. Eric and Papa V, who, with Mama V, was visiting this weekend, put together the crib, too. It looks so funny to have the mattress up so high! And Mama V and I figured out a few ways to store the toys and books that won’t fit in the dresser and closet. Now, just to hang a little art on the walls–let’s be honest, most every room still needs that–and it’s ready for Baby S!

I’ve been so distracted from this pregnancy, I’m lucky I have Big Sister Jane to remind me how much she’s looking forward to Baby. She talks about her a lot, asks questions, and always, always, always wants to play in her room. At least Jane will be ready for her!


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