favorite things: third trimester addition

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September 12, 2014 by Ellen V

At almost 34 weeks, I’m feeling very pregnant these days. Here’s the most honest top-ten list I can muster of things getting me through the homestretch!

  1. Slow Iron Right at the start of my third trimester, I passed my glucose test with flying colors but my blood work showed some slight anemia. This is not super surprising for me–I’m not a big meat eater, and I am continuing to run (runners can lose iron through their feet due to all the pounding). It’s not something that has plagued me in the past, but the iron supplements are boosting my energy levels for now, so I’m gladly taking them!
  2. Coffee I gave in to a daily cup of fully-caffeinated coffee this trimester, and I’m so glad I did. I admit this knowing not everyone would agree with it, but it just makes my mornings so much better. And it’s pumpkin spice season! Hurrah!
  3. Two Couches In our new place, we have plenty of room for both our couches in the living space. That means that most nights, when Eric and I sit down to watch television for an hour or two, I can spread out, doze, put my legs up–all guilt free. Winning.
  4. YMCA After some discernment, we decided to bite the bullet and join the local YMCA. In my new SAHM lifestyle, it’s been just awesome. There’s a fantastic nursery, and I’m able to get a workout in a few times a week without getting in the way of Eric’s busy schedule. There’s also a great play pool, park, and 2/3 mile running trail. Good stuff.
  5. Used Stuff I’m learning eBay! It’s so fun, and I feel good about repurposing our stuff to strangers (and for a little income) now that we don’t live near anyone I can pass our things on to. I plan to turn around most of my earnings for Jane and Baby–as much as we need to pare down a bit, we also have a wish list for round two and a growing preschooler.
  6. Grandparents Mama and Papa V and Mama and Papa K have been so supportive and helpful during our transition to Virginia, and their offers of continued support when Baby gets here are beyond valuable. I just can’t even really say enough about it.
  7. Breakfast Bakery I miss my beloved Milwaukee area coffee shops so much, but I’ve been motivated to make my own goodies instead. I’m sure they are cheaper, if not healthier! Muffins are my favorite.
  8. Country Life (and Roanoke!) Speaking of missing the city, my transition to  rural life has been a huge part of this trimester. The good stuff includes saving a ton of money, enjoying a gorgeous view, and motivation to DIY to a whole new level. I’m also really enjoying the occasional trip to the “big city” of Roanoke for the occasional Starbucks run (see 2) or Target trip.
  9. Routine I’m not sure I’ve had, in the last 10 years, days that have the potential to be so consistent. It’s been a great benefit to my energy level and our home’s cleanliness to have some routine, not to mention Jane’s ability to transition to this new lifestyle!
  10. Brother M’s Wedding While it’s making my heart ache more than I’d like to admit that I won’t be able to travel to my little bro’s wedding in Minnesota in just two short weeks, looking forward to it and preparing Jane and Eric for it has been a wonderful distraction. I hope it feels that way the weekend of!

This trimester has been marked by our move, of course, but it feels great to finally be in Virginia, settling into our new place, and being able to focus on preparing in a real way to meet our baby!



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