one month in: an overly honest post


September 15, 2014 by Ellen V

We’ve been in Virginia for a month. For me, it’s meant two huge changes.

First, we’ve moved across the country to a different geography, a different landscape, a different culture. It’s been a difficult shift. The accents are much thicker than I anticipated they would be. It’s been warm and humid, and I’m so looking forward to autumn. Small town living offers a few comforts–it’s easy to get to know the area, but somewhat difficult to find opportunities to get to know the community. My church is small, small, small. But, all that said, people are so very friendly. I know it will take some time (more time than I would like) to make true friends, but in the meantime there are lots of folks who have been extremely nice.

The second change has been even more drastic, I think. Going from working full time to staying home full time has been a crazy change. The first few weeks were wrapped up in the emotional toll of moving and the physical toll of unpacking. But now, we’re unpacked and settling in and just here. The days are long. All three of us are adjusting to a totally new way of making our lives and our home together.

As I’ve mentioned, we’re doing Mama and Jane School, which mostly serves as motivation for me to stay on task with Jane. Last week, we worked on vehicles and transportation. She loves stoplights, so most afternoons we had peanut butter on graham crackers with green, yellow and red M&Ms. We also spent one particularly gorgeous morning outside doing a car and truck wash.

washing trucks

washing trucks

I have taken on a bunch of the household responsibilities, which I think is hard for Eric, since he’s been at home and in charge of that stuff for so long! I’m working on budgets and meal planning and keeping on top of daily chores. Jane and I run through a short list of tasks every day after lunch (dishes, sweeping the kitchen and dining room, wiping down counters, checking the mail). I do most of the other “work” after she naps. It’s funny what successes look like now: an under-budget grocery trip, something extra than what was on my to-do list done, witnessing Jane’s first self-portrait.

isn't she a beautiful girl?

isn’t she a beautiful girl?

On the days I am the most bored or frustrated, I try to remind myself that this time is a gift, and it won’t last forever (even though I have no idea right now how long it will last). I also try to remember that in six weeks, more or less, I’ll have a whole extra being to take care of, and boredom will probably not be my major issue. So I’m thankful for these weeks, even when they are difficult.

I’m thankful for it all, really. I just need a reminder sometimes.

One thought on “one month in: an overly honest post

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