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September 22, 2014 by Ellen V

There are lots of great, little, unexpected things about staying at home, even in spite of my last post. I expected to enjoy seeing Jane grow and change and learn. I didn’t expect some other pleasant surprises: the joys of routine, of attending an extra church service a week, of spending time on meal prep and budget, of hanging clothes outside to dry, of being able to say “yes” to the few invitations we’re getting right now as we slowly meet friends and playmates.

One of my favorite (though weird) things about staying at home has been that, on weekdays, Jane and I do daily chores right after lunch. I take care of dishes (sometimes just lunch, sometimes from breakfast, too), and then together we wipe down the counters and the kitchen table, she holds the dustpan while I sweep the dining room and kitchen, we make the bed in master bedroom if it hasn’t been made already, and we walk outside to check the mail and play for a few minutes before nap. They are simple chores–things that take just 20 minutes or so together or 10 by myself–but they are things we never could have done daily before, when every day was different and rushed.

My home isn’t spotless, but it’s a little better when these things are getting done daily (on top of my usual rotating cleaning schedule that includes laundry, bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, etc). It’s been a nice surprise not just to do it and like the results, but to actually enjoy the doing.


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