a new sense of order (or where did october go? or happy halloween!)

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October 31, 2014 by Ellen V

Happy Halloween, happy Friday, happy almost-November! What an intense month!

This week has been such a good turn around for me. It helped to see Mama and Papa K over the weekend. They didn’t leave until late Monday night, which has helped this week seem fast–always a good thing. They were so encouraging and supportive, and they love my daughters so much, that I felt some renewed energy going into another week at home as a mother to two!

loving on baby sidney

loving on baby sidney

I plunged into a few efforts I was afraid of last week: we went out a few times (a Halloween party at the library on Tuesday, church on Wednesday), I’ve actually cooked a little, and I got Jane back on track with Mama and Jane School, though we observed a Halloween theme and kept the activities fun and simple. I was a bit more insistent on Jane 1) behaving and 2) helping this week, which I think is making everyone happier in the long run. And Eric, of course, is a huge trooper, as he walks in the door after a long day at work and I basically hand him both children so I can scurry off to whatever has been waiting for me to get done.  No one is caught up on sleep or anything, but I think we’ve been sharing the “night shift” enough that we’re not totally running on fumes.

library halloween party, attended by "Super Big Sister Jane"

library halloween party, attended by “Super Big Sister Jane”

We’re looking forward to spending time with some of Eric’s colleagues tonight–a purely social outing with the side benefit of Jane getting to trick-or-treat in a cool area known for it’s Halloween festivities. We could all use the outing and social interaction, so I am especially looking forward to it. I worry about germs with the babe, but when Jane was born I quickly learned that if I wore her in the Moby, people typically kept their distance, so I feel pretty comfortable bringing Sidney out and about as long as I remember it!

making our ghost family in Mama and Jane School

making our ghost family in Mama and Jane School

I’m looking forward to the new adventures November will bring for us. It has certainly been a wild ride so far!


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