a few quick thoughts, postpartum with two

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November 6, 2014 by Ellen V

Maternity “leave” (yes, I realize I’m not taking leave from anything right now) looks so different this time around. Luckily, we have amazing family and awesome friends from around the country and in our back yard who have really taken care of us. Sometimes I didn’t know what I needed until someone gave it to me!

  • I will, from now until eternity, bring easy, prepackaged toddler foods to new mamas with toddlers at home. Mama V bought yogurt tubes, string cheese, apple sauce pouches, juice boxes, etc for Jane while she was watching her while I was in the hospital. I’m pretty sure her lunch was made of exclusively those foods and slices of bread for the first week Eric was back at work.
  • Visits and invitations out have been accepted with gratitude. It’s hard to be motivated to leave the house, but Jane especially needs something to break up our days.
  • A few new outfits for a little girl with lots of hand-me-downs have been well-loved already.
  • A couple folks have sent us gift cards, which was so sweet (though totally unexpected). They were beyond helpful for the things we thought we had and didn’t, and the essentials we weren’t stocked up with yet.
  • Lots and lots of local folks have brought us food. We know fewer people here, yet I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten twice as many meals as we did in Wisconsin! Virginia people are concerned with calories. This is an attitude I can appreciate!
  • Family visits right away were so appreciated. I really struggled feeling better this time around–probably because I had to chase Jane–and having family here to make sure I could get some rest was awesome.

Most of all, we’ve appreciated the the check-ins and the prayers and the love for #2. She’s so sweet and beautiful and loved.

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