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November 9, 2014 by Ellen V

I’ve had some amazing job opportunities come up in the past few weeks. Eric and I will spend the next week discerning what the next best move for our family is going to be, but it’s also got me thinking a lot about the work I have been doing since August and will be lucky enough to continue to do until into January, at least.

An honest assessment of my pregnancy: it was a rough one, kids. Jane was a trooper, as I wasn’t much fun to be around, and she wasn’t around me all. the. time. But we did have some fun and learn a few things about what it means to be a SAHM.

The best part has definitely been Mama and Jane School. Our themes have been diverse–everything from farms to rainbows to letters. Pinterest makes it easy to curate coloring pages, crafts, even snack ideas, and we typically have everything we need in the house (I did purchase glue sticks and a pack of construction paper in August). Mama K also gifted me this Get Ready for Pre-K workbook, which has been an amazing resource now that I don’t have quite as much time to put things together for us in advance.

Our very best themes so far have been:

  • Firetrucks – This was our first week and I really put a lot of time and energy into it. I’m sure if I prepped as much for every week, it would have more competition!
  • Autumn – There were so many awesome crafts and snacks to go along with our autumn theme, Jane didn’t even seem to mind that I was so not  with it well into my pregnancy.
  • Rainbows – We did a lot of painting during rainbow week, which Jane adored. I wasn’t sure how this one would go as there wasn’t a lot of strict learning involved, but Jane really liked the color review, and it was nice to do something a little different.
  • Transportation – Two huge winners: an outdoor “car wash” with toy cars and trucks as well as stop light snacks (peanut butter on graham crackers with red, green and yellow m&ms).

Not-so-hot themes have been babies (I thought it would relevant but really it was just boring), farms (if we could have visited one it would have gone a lot better), and, just last week, oceans, which was a huge flop. This week is weather week, and Jane seems excited about it already. We have some more basic concepts coming up soon (numbers, shapes, letters) as well as holiday weeks (Thanksgiving and Christmas), so I expect that even with Baby Sidney distractions, we’ll have some fun and get some learning in.

Jane will be starting either preschool or daycare in January, and she’ll be 3 (!), so we’ll probably hit the pause button on Mama and Jane School until the summer months, when we’ll most likely have some time for learning together again. I was so worried about the shear amount of free time we’d have together, and this has been such a fun, easy way to help us break up our days. I know I’ll miss it!

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